There *will* be a test later...

I remember more about High School then I let on.

I have contemplated suicide... and homicide.

My first therapist was smokin hot... and very good at her job.

My second therapist was a complete tool... and he talked more than I did. (The dork...)

My last year of grad school was the only time where rumors that went around about me were actually complimentary. One was that I had a "monster cock", and that I was a "Beast with my Tongue". Only one of them has NO truth to it. (I like to think the other has *some* truth...)

My first kiss was at 7 years old. The second at 20.

I relish the opportunity for a frank, honest and open discussion about sex. It's more intellectually stimulating than it is physical.

I also like to pass-on good Sex Education... probably because I got such horrible kind in school, and none at home.

I have only referred to 2 girls as "whores". That's the insult I save for really special occasions/screw-overs. Though, I will call a guy a "whore" in a heartbeat, because I find it funny.

I am fascinated by the sociological quality of Porn.

"Flesh and Lace 2" was the name of the first adult film I ever saw a scene from. I was 14, and looking through non-labeled videotapes early in the morning, bored, and suddenly saw it. I was so shocked on the first image, I immediately shut it off... frantically looked around to make sure I wasn't caught... then cautiously turned it back on, with the volume ALL the way down.

I like to turn all the electric lights off and only go by candlelight. I find it very relaxing.

Greatest cookie in the world: the cheapo dollar-a-box Lemon Coolers from Sunshine. (They don't make them anymore... the Girl Scout versions aren't the same)

I love low-budget sci-fi. (Like the old Doctor Who)

One of the worst insults my brothers would use on me during High School is "You have no friends".

Favorite movie of all time: The Dark Crystal

Greatest TV show: The Muppet Show

I've slept in the nude since I was 15. For some reason, my brothers considered me a freak for this.

I've been Best Man in a wedding twice.

One other time, I caught the Garter.

I've faked orgasms.

I've spent most of my life alone, as a loner, doing things by myself (movies, restaurants, etc)... but I'm scared to be alone.

I wonder if people really want the respect that I give.

I sometimes think I'm too patient.

While I like and respect the Man that I've become... sometimes I want to be someone else.

I kinda like it when a women gets jealous over me... I consider it a huge compliment that she wants me only for herself.

... even though I go out of my way to make sure they have no reason to be jealous.

I regret a lot of things I *didn't* do in High School.

After Columbine happened, I got scared... not because I looked at the victims and thought, "oh, that could happen to me"... but I looked at the SHOOTERS and thought that.

My first girlfriend came after visiting a psychic earlier that night.

I like cooking *for* someone

I take pride in my massages.

… but wish I received more of them.

My Hollywood Dream Girl is Jennifer Love Hewitt, for her personality as much as her looks.

I’ve never been drunk

I’m interested in “knife play”

I wish I could be more assertive with women

I don’t expect women to shave anything that I don’t shave myself.

When seeing apartments or houses… I evaluate the ZDF… Zombie Defense Factor (how well would it stand up against an attack of a horde of zombies?)… even though I know that zombies don’t exist.

I will never use the same nickname for 2 girlfriends. I insist on making each one individual… no matter how fitting a previously used one would be. I feel like I wasted my favorite one, “Angel Eyes”, on someone that didn’t deserve it.

I already know the nickname I want to give to my future, unborn daughter. And I’m saving it.

I now enjoy reading non-fiction books.

I hate the term “curvy” when describing women… because most guys equate it with “fat”. I prefer “proportionate”… No matter the height or weight… if you’re proportionate, you look good to me.

My favorite author when I was younger was John Bellairs. He’s still one of my favorites.

One of my favorite activities as a teen was taking “Music Baths”. I did it almost every day.

Most of the women I’ve been romantically interested in… never knew. Or didn’t care.

These days, I tend to be attracted to women who are attracted to me. I don’t know if that’s a good reason.

I hate hearing how actors have “movies they wish they never did”. Some of my favorite movies are ones they wish they could disown. No matter the film, someone somewhere lists it as their favorite film. Don’t crap on their parade.

I’ve gotten waxed. Ow!

I think reality is sexier than fantasy.

I used to be much better at answering E-mails and regular letters. But I always feel a little joy to get an e-mail that actually has personalized content.

I have too many books that haven’t been read yet.

I always wanted to do a modern dance class.

I’ve been described as a “human cartoon”, “live Muppet” and as having “a natural affinity for slapstick”. I think its because of these that many times people think I’m joking when I’m being serious. Sometimes it hurts.

I hate when people say “Get over it”. 99% of the time, it doesn’t work. It never tries to find out WHY I’m not over “it”, so it never actually helps.

I *really* hate it when guys refer to themselves as “Thugs” and use the word “Thug” as a badge of honor. A “Thug” is a mindless minion… a Peon of the main villain. And he’s the first (and easiest) to die when the Hero or Police come through.

I never give a standing ovation to a community theatre, college or high school production. Too many times, the show sucked anyway, and the only reason people are standing and cheering, is because it’s their friends and family, not based on overwhelming talent. Even if the show is good, I won’t give one. I remain seated.

The only thing that scares me… is Me.