Co-inky-dink... I swear.

Okay, I’ve recently discovered the webcomic Questionable Content, and have really been enjoying it. (I found it through XKCD, another one I read often)

As it’s a very character-driven comic, I’ve gone back to the beginning to catch up (as it’s now up to about 1600+ strips… it’s taken awhile)… and when I came across #600… well, give a read for yourself.

For those that have read my older posts, you might notice the last panel sounds remarkably similar to the beginning of an old post of mine from 2008, the internet classic (or not) Bedroom Communism.

Well… *I* was sure surprised.

I’d like to say that “Great minds think alike” (or “Feeble minds seldom differ”), and the author, J. Jacques, and I are just both ahead of our time… except that I wrote mine in 2008, and he wrote that strip in 2006. So even if we are, I’m still 2 years behind him.

Damn it!

I got the same feeling when I found out there is an NFL player named Victor Riley, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints. Of course, that became a very different feeling when I discovered that he was charged with felony assault by ramming his SUV into his wife’s car. With her and their kid in it.

With this “nom de plume” holding a long-standing meaning for me of heroism… that just makes me feel icky. But… I’ve been using this since 1994… and he got drafted in 1998. So *nyah*! I’m going to keep using it… and even despite all the other real-life people that are legitimately named that.

If you do a Google search for “Victor Riley”… you’ll get the NFL guy and several of the real people… but if you search for “Victor Riley HERO”… you get this blog. Hells yeah. Sure, maybe not a lot of people are doing that… but the potential is there.

So anyway… a shout to Questionable Content: Sorry for the unintentional similarity. It’s a great strip! (And I’d like to see Hanners find some happiness/love… even if only temporary. Just sayin’)

Back to your irregularly scheduled Blog.


V. Riley said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've made it through your identity crisis and are keeping up the HERO name =).